Formulite Meal Replacement Shakes

Why choose Formulite?

Formulite shakes have been scientifically formulated & developed in conjunction with some of Australia’s best dietitians & healthcare professionals.

Our delicious shakes are bursting with goodness – each serve contains the ideal mix of high protein, fibre, healthy fats and 24 essential vitamins & minerals making them the perfect aid for weight loss. You also won't find any of the nasties that pop up in some other VLED shakes such as artificial sweeteners, gluten and cheap fillers like sugars and milk powders!

Formulite Lupin Soups

Vegetable, Beef & Chicken and packed with the many dietary benefits of lupins – Formulite Lupin Soups are not only great for weight management but are also an incredible source of nutrition.

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  • Mitch Smith
    At Health Management, we see quite a lot of patients that are undergoing bariatric surgery and require a well formulated liquid product for pre and post surgery, as well as patients who require a rapid weight loss solution. We were previously recommending other products with higher sugar content until we discovered Formulite. With such high protein concentration, our patients often talk about how they feel less hungry and therefore less tempted when they are following such a strict regimen. We have had absolutely no poor feedback on Formulite and will continue to recommend for our patients who have a clinical justification to do so.
    Mitch Smith
    Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) - Health Management Dietitians
  • Julie Hennessy
    Formulite is our preferred brand of meal replacement at Weight Loss Surgery Support. The low sugar, high protein content is ideal for our clients both pre and post-surgery. We've also received great feedback on the taste, making is an easy dietary change to implement.
    Julie Hennessy
    Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) - Weight Loss Surgery Support
  • Kristen Adams
    Formulite has been a fantastic VLED alternative for our bariatric patients to use. We love the fact it does not contain any artificial sweeteners and our patients suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) do not experience the same GI upset that many other meal replacement brands cause. Furthermore, the higher protein content makes it easier for us to meeting our patients protein requirements and prevent the loss of lean muscle mass. Our patients have provided positive feedback in regards to the VLED shake flavours and appear to thoroughly enjoy the high protein lupin soups. I confidently recommend Formulite as an option for our bariatric patients to used during their VLED phase knowing it will induce nutritional ketosis, shrink the liver by depleting glycogen stores and optimise their nutritional status in the lead up to weight loss surgery.
    Kristen Adams
    Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) - Peninsula Physical Health & Nutrition
  • Perri McCarthy - Director | Pharmacist
    At Pharmacy NEO we like to stock and recommend brands which are a bit unique and have great formulas that really work. We love Formulite for that reason. Unlike other similar products, Formulite is not loaded up with skim milk powder. Formulite is nutritionally balanced, low in sugar, high in protein and contains probiotics and enzymes. Our customers have found it really works and they love the flavours and the variety of presentations. We are finding it continues to grow in popularity and we no sooner stock up, and we have to reorder again!
  • Dr Garth McCleod
    I came across Formulite at the ANZMOSS conference last year. The decision to switch to the product was easy and logical- more protein and less sugar- period. We ask our patients to compliment their surgery with a protein based diet and so embarking on the process with a VLCD product that’s teaching exactly this concept makes perfect sense. It tastes great and offers lasting satiety. Many of my patients continue to use Formulite after surgery which is testimony to its appeal. Glennis is passionate about her products and I can see why. Weight loss surgery and more importantly successful weight loss is a team event- Formulite is a part of that team. Nice.
    Dr Garth McCleod
    Bariatric Surgeon
  • George El-Azzi
    FORMULITE is a product superior to all it’s competitors, hence why we stock no other. As a leading meal replacement and an assisted weight loss formula, you can be sure you are getting the essential vitamins and minerals to supporting your nutrition. The flavour, texture and most importantly noticeable results are all highly appreciated by each and every customer.  This is why we at MY COMPOUNDING have no hesitation in recommending no other, but FORMULITE.
    George El-Azzi
    Clinical Pharmacist - My Compounding
  • Dr Livia Rivera-Woll
    I recommend Formulite soups and shakes to my patients as a meal replacement or as an in between meal snack as part of their weight loss management plan, specifically because of the favourable nutritional profile. It is low in carbohydrates and sugar, high in protein and fibre, and contains stevia rather than artificial sweeteners. This is particularly important for people with diabetes where carbohydrates and in particular sugar, can cause spikes in blood glucose levels. The high protein formula assists with more stable blood glucose profiles and can also provide a prolonged source of energy which may improve satiety for longer periods. I have an increasing number of patients using this high quality Australian made product with positive results.
    Dr Livia Rivera-Woll
  • Mr Philip Gan
    I think Formulite is an excellent product, providing effective pre-operative weight loss with a comprehensive nutritional support profile and range of flavours to suit patients’ preferences.  Importantly, it caters for those patients with gluten sensitivity or allergies.
    Mr Philip Gan
    General and Bariatric Surgeon
  • Dr Fiona Lee
    As an endocrinologist, with a particular interest in diabetes and weight control, I see many patients struggling to lose weight despite a healthy diet. The most effective diet for my patients is a very low energy diet with meal replacements. Formulite is a great product, locally produced, with less sugar and higher protein content than other meal replacements.
    Dr Fiona Lee