We do not include some ingredients found in our competitors’ products. Some of the most popular meal replacement shakes use cheap ingredients that may not be the best for your health and may hinder reaching your goals.



Healthier protein

For protein some meal replacements use skim milk powder, calcium and sodium caseinate. Calcium caseinate is produced using the insoluble portion of milk protein and subjecting it to another chemical reaction to purify it. Instead, Formulite uses a blend of low-temperature cross flow micro-filtered whey protein isolates and concentrates. We also use a superior form of micellar casein, which is produced without the use of chemicals by separating the soluble whey portion of milk protein isolate/concentrate from the insoluble casein portion.


linseeds sunflower and almonds healthier fats in weight loss shake


Formulite uses LSA for our added essential fats

LSA stands for linseeds, sunflower seeds and almonds. LSA is a combination of these three pre-mixed seeds, which have been ground down and included in Formulite shakes.

LSA is a rich source of protein, which enables it to help keep your blood sugar levels balanced, while also curbing sugar cravings. It contains a healthy dose of omega-3 fats to help promote a healthy heart and brain function, and boosts bone and skin health thanks to its many vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, E, D and B, calcium, zinc and magnesium.


Healthier (good) fat

Other brands use cheaper forms of fats.  The fat in Formulite products comes only from LSA, sunflower oil and whey protein concentrate.


The best weight loss shake has less sugar than its competitors

Healthier sugar

Other brands use added sugar. Countless studies have linked excess sugar to insulin resistance, diabetes, fat gain, blood sugar imbalances etc.

Some brands also use added maltodextrin – this is a cheap carbohydrate that in many cases is used as filler. This is highly processed and can have a negative effect on blood sugar levels.

Formulite prefers you to source your carbohydrates from whole food sources – mainly fibrous vegetables.

Formulite prefers not to use unhealthy artificial sweeteners including Aspartame:

  • Research shows that aspartame worsens insulin sensitivity to a greater degree than sugar
  • Artificial sweeteners promote weight gain by tricking your body into thinking it will receive sugar (calories); when the sugar doesn’t arrive, carb cravings can result
  • Artificial sweeteners likely also cause weight gain by disrupting your intestinal microflora, thereby raising your risk of both obesity and diabetes

Formulite is naturally sweetened using stevia. Native to Paraguay, the stevia plant is as much as 200 times sweeter than sugar and contains no calories.

Formulite also has added fibre, prebiotics, probiotics and 24 vitamins and minerals to keep you functioning at your best.


No added fructose

Many other shakes available have added fructose, which is stored in the form of glycogen in the liver (making shrinking the liver for bariatric surgery more difficult).

  • Fructose can only be metabolised by the liver and can’t be used for energy by your body’s cells. The liver removes the fructose by transforming it into fat and sending that fat to our fat cells
  • Excess fructose damages the liver and leads to insulin resistance as well as fatty liver disease.
  • Fructose reacts with proteins and polyunsaturated fats in our bodies 7 times more than glucose. This reaction creates AGEs (advanced glycation end-products), which are compounds that create oxidative damage in our cells and ultimately lead or contribute to inflammation and a host of chronic diseases
  • While most of your body’s cells can’t use fructose as a source of energy, the bacteria in your gut can and excess fructose can create gut flora imbalances, promote bacterial overgrowth and promote the growth of pathogenic bacteria
  • Fructose rapidly causes leptin resistance. Leptin is a hormone that controls appetite and metabolism to maintain a normal weight. Leptin-resistant people tend to gain fat and become obese really easily

You’ll be happy to know, Formulite has no added fructose in our formulas.



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