We would like to introduce ourselves.

Glennis Winnett has worked in the health industry for more than 20 years and is the driving force behind Formulite.

Scott Slaman is the brains behind our product development and can pick a nutrition label apart with his eyes closed.

Together, we form the Formulite Team and are here to guide you to a healthier path in life.

We hope you continue to enjoy your shakes and that they prove useful when either replacing a meal you usually skip or helping you make it to the next meal without resorting to a poor food choice.

We hope our recipes inspire you and our meal plans (developed by our fabulous dietician Katie Mueller) help you in your journey to fitness, weight loss and wellness.

Our story…

Our inspiration to develop Formulite came from the discovery that there is a lack of high protein, high fibre and low sugar meal replacements on the market.

I worked in a General Surgical Practice for a number of years and our focus was on providing as much in house holistic support to our patients as possible. We wanted the best outcome for our patients and, in a society that is so time-poor, we found patients appreciated the convenience of many services under the same roof.

After making Surgical, Dietetic, Psychological and Personal Training services available, the last thing we outsourced was meal replacement shakes. Patients were asked to buy these from pharmacies. This lead me on a journey, which began by looking at stocking shakes currently in the market in our clinics, however l was disappointed with their nutritional panels. Then l was introduced to Scott Slaman – a leading executive in the Sports Supplement Industry. Scott has years of experience and a wealth of knowledge.

With Scott’s help, we were able to source an experienced Food Formulation Scientist to create a balanced meal. Our focus was on developing a product that not only aids in weight loss, but also looks after your body on the inside – the ideal complement supplement to our holistic approach.

My background in healthcare has given me the drive to ensure that our products are as healthy for our customers as possible. I have also seen friends struggle with weight-related issues for one reason or another and helping them to lead a long and healthy life is important to me.


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