We’ve created a program to make it easy for you to introduce your friends and family to Formulite.

We’ll send you a unique referral link via email, which you can then share with your friends through social media, in person or via email,  which will give your friends a $10 discount off their first purchase.

For every one of your friends who completes a purchase with your link, you’ll also receive a $10 discount voucher to apply against your next order.

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* The following terms and conditions apply to the Refer a Friend program: (1) the communication containing the referral must be created in a personal, non-commercial manner that is expected of usual communications with family and friends. (2) Communications via bulk circulation, to individuals other than family and friends and any other conduct that Formulite constitutes as actual or attempted fraud is prohibited and is grounds for termination. (3) You acknowledge your requirement to abide by these terms and conditions and any other direction of Formulite. (4) You will indemnify Formulite for any dispersal or use of the codes that breaches these terms and conditions or any other direction of Formulite. (5) You acknowledge that you are an independent contractor and are solely responsible for any applicable taxes and superannuation payments and any other liabilities and obligations, whether imposed by law or otherwise. (6) Other terms and conditions may apply as displayed on our website or otherwise notified to you from time to time.



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